This makes me happy.

The thing that saddens me more about the whole Jensen vs. Destiel crap is this:


The Supernatural cast is by far the friendliest i have ever seen. They are accessible, and spend a ridiculous amount of time catering to the fanbase. Even the writers and producers are extraordinarily accomodating of us, and write winks and nudges and shoves into the scripts…

It would be a tragedy if we forced our cast/crew/writers to retreat from us. I love how they love playing with us in this universe. 

In My Humble Opinion

I wasn’t going to say anything, but I stumbled onto this article on my dash and I’m just 1000% done. This article is why I feel weary and wary of ships more and more as time goes on. Normally, I don’t care, I figure whatever you do on your blog and in your own life is your business—but this kind of thing is not right. When your fantasy life starts to negatively impact real people (including yourself), its time to reevaluate your actions and maybe take a break or several steps back from it.

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