I wonder how old everyone is on tumblr.. Put a | by your age.

13: ||||||||||||
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26+: |||

Well, that explains why Tumblr has so much unnecessary drama and annoys an older person such as myself.

The worst thing about falling to pieces is that humans can do it so quietly.
I feel like what’s great about Supernatural, despite the monsters and everything, that this is a show about the interior relationships of men, the interior lives of men, and it’s very rare. The relationships are emotional, they are complex, they’re dynamic… And when you’re looking at a show where it’s all about male-female relationships, that’s the focus, but to see these guys that are struggling with their familiar relationship, and their inter-masculine relationship, is really unusual on TV and I think the show does that very, very well. And if you like guys, you’re curious about men, and you have a guy in your life it’s a great show to watch to understand - not all men, but these men. These characters, I think, are very well written guys (super hot too, but that’s not the point) and I think that’s what’s really, really wonderful about Supernatural.

Aisha Tyler | Nerd HQ 2014

"Very well put, thank you." (Jensen Ackles)

This is one big reason why people begging (throwing fits) for ships to be made canon bug me so much. I like that Supernatural is a show about platonic male relationships and men showing deep emotions— I take a great amount of joy and pleasure in seeing that explored. I don’t need or want any of it to become romantic. That would ruin the show for me—so to those who say no one would mind? Not true. I would mind. I’ve invested 9 years of my life into this show because it hit on something I desperately love seeing in TV and movies—men who love deeply in a completely platonic manner. Seeing platonic male/male relationships and dynamics. 

Sometimes I feel like people insisting on ships can’t see that its even possible for straight (or gay men) to have strong, engaging platonic relationships or that it is just as important as if it were romantic. Its like saying men can’t love that deeply unless its romantic (or that romantic love is more important than any other kind of love). Women can, but not men? What? No. Just no. It is possible and I love seeing that on this show—it makes it special. More special than the million romances on every other show.

Besides, that’s what fanon stuff is for, things we don’t get to see onscreen. That’s one of the things that makes fanon works so much fun. If the show met all of our individual needs, why would we bother creating our own stuff? For me, fanfiction was about exploring storylines that didn’t go the way I wanted them to or didn’t exist (or just didn’t go into the resolution deeply enough). There have been plenty of things even as a non-shipper that I was gutted about not getting, but I’m not having a fit about it. I’d rather go read a fiction that fulfills that need or write it myself than use my every waking minute to bully people related to the show over it.  I don’t ship, but I figure its the same kind of thing.

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