Farscape 2x04 Crackers don’t matter

Ha, ha! I love John Crichton—Crackers Don’t Matter is one of my top favorite episodes of Farscape.


"We hunt monsters. What the hell?!"


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NerdHQ 2014 Jensen Ackles | [x]

'Cause the world needs more happiness.

"c) the show is a show about men. If you don’t like that, watch another show… If you think it’s misogynistic, WATCH ANOTHER SHOW. If you are pissed at Supernatural or its writers or it’s actors, WATCH ANOTHER FREAKING SHOW."

About that Supernatural panel by Aisha Tyler

I agree with Aisha’s post 100%. Seriously, I’m totally with her on this issue and would apply it to all the recent wankery—if you think Supernatural queer-baits, is homophobic or is misogynist or (insert other social issue) and it really, really bothers you, then why watch it?

Obviously, if it offends you that much, or if the actors, etc. offend you that much, it is not the show for you. No one is forcing you to watch it. It is not a platform for YOUR beliefs (it sure isn’t one for mine—I don’t believe God is an absentee Father and 99% of angels are as bad as demons). Either you can accept it as a show centered on men, in platonic relationships, as it HAS ALWAYS BEEN FOR 9 YEARS, or find a show that makes you happy and leave SPN behind. 

It seems rather easy to me—its like purchasing a product at the store, if it has something you find offensive or deal-breaking disappointing, don’t buy it. When I watch SPN, I don’t expect a central, regular female character and I’m okay with that. If I want to watch shows with great female characters, I watch Once Upon a Time, Bones, Castle, etc. Once Upon a Time, a show I absolutely adore, is filled to the brim with strong, female characters. Lots and lots and lots of them. Might want to go give that a try if its that important to you. It really is awesome.

While on the subject, I’ve always hated that argument about all the women dying on the show—all the men die, too, including Bobby and Kevin. Only Sam, Dean and Cas stay alive (and maybe Crowley, but no guarantees) and only Cas because of Misha’s fans. I really think he’d have been a goner after season six if he didn’t have so many fans.

All I can say is I’m so, so, so grateful for Jensen and Jared. They take this and made it into something so much better.

i may be ugly but i’m also hideous

me when i see myself in a reflective surface unexpectedly (via magic-spelldust)

Yep, pretty much exactly what I think when I see myself.

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