Please stop the Destiel Twitter campaign.


I’ve read about this idea being sent to fans inboxes to bombard Jensen with tweets and get to him through his friends and those on his follow list and I’m fuming.

You say you want him to speak properly about how he feels about Destiel?

He’s already told fans he sees Dean and Castiel as kindred…

Stands and applauds! So much all of this. You know, the OP is right, it has diluted the Dean and Cas friendship (which was very special to me at one time) and has affected my views on it (as a non-shipper) negatively. And that makes me angry because I used to love Dean and Cas together. Now when I see Misha’s face, I feel unwanted resentment because of all the hate Jensen has received, because of all the nastiness that has been created all summer long about all of it. Maybe that’s not fair, but I can’t seem to help how I feel about it.I hope once the show comes back those feelings will fade because, outside of Sam, Cas was one of the most important relationships Dean still had going (what with everyone else dead). :(


tumblr is kind of an unhealthy environment to be in sometimes because often it’s so black and white

either you’re right, and you’re an amazing god worthy of praise, or you’re wrong, and you’re a horrible monster who deserves to die

i just saw a post that said that if you don’t understand how minimum wage and art commissions work, then you’re “the worst kind of garbage shit trash”. like… after a certain point it’s time to calm down

Truth. Which is one reason I’m not on Tumblr more—it can be such an immature, hate-filled place. People are so judgmental and so sure their truth is the only one. Particularly those who spend an inordinate amount of energy preaching to others about being judgmental or disapproving. Ironic, but true.

deanmaniac replied to your post “deanmaniac replied to your post “Sometimes, I don’t know why I…”

It’s true and maybe you don’t see it in dark days but I can see it clearly.

Thank you—I’m so glad we ‘met’ on Twitter. *hugs*

misschaa replied to your post “Sometimes, I don’t know why I exist.”

Because you were meant to be, If your present sucks (and I’m sorry for that) well your future will be better. Nobody is alone in this world. Nobody has no reason to be alive. **Hugs you tight** don’t lose hope somebody loves you :)

It was one of those days when I felt like I couldn’t do anything right at all and I was just one great, big annoyance to everyone around me. I have issues with anxiety/depression on and off (and things have been very stressful lately—life’s hits just keep coming at me) and I’ve been walking that thin line between being mostly okay and being depressed, just teetering on the brink.Today was a moment of weakness when I was too low to handle being bombarded by the feeling of screwing up at every turn. Sometimes, when it rains it seems to pour. But I got through the day (once again) and hopefully tomorrow will look better.

Thank you for taking time to leave me some encouragement—I really do appreciate it so very much. *hugs* 

deanmaniac replied to your post “Sometimes, I don’t know why I exist.”

Cause you’re awesome!

I’m still amazed that you think so. *hugs*

Sometimes, I don’t know why I exist.
nolongerbrothers asked:
Hi! I just found out you're following me! Omg, I'm so happy, because I love Dean, and I love to read your opinion on SPN. Just want to let you know, you're amazing!

Oh, wow, so sorry I’m just now reading this. Work and minor illness sucked my life away this entire week and I’ve not really been online much at all. Thank you so much for this little jewel at the end of a craptastic week! I don’t get much mail in my ask box, so it was a wonderful surprise. *hugs* Dean is a very good thing to have in common, I always say. :)

jddorians asked:
about that thing you just reblogged and commented on: AMEN AMEN AMEN AMEN AMEN. you are absolutely right. i'm a very conservative republican and it breaks my heart to see the hate that republicans get. a lot of people on tumblr live with the mentality that "you can have whatever opinion you want blah blah blah but if you're a republican GET OUT YOU ARE THE SCUM OF THE EARTH" and it makes me sick. sorry didn't mean to get so political but yeah.


Thank you :)

Literally (and I do mean literally), people here on tumblr would be less distressed to find pedophilia on their son’s computer than if he were to come home with a Republican bumper sticker on his car.

Okay, Greta, I officially love you. That comment was perfection (and, sadly, so true).

"The world will break your heart ten ways to Sunday, that’s guaranteed. And I can’t begin to explain that—or the craziness inside myself and everybody else, but guess what? Sunday is my favorite day again."

Silver Linings Playbook by Matthew Quick

From Supernatural Magazine Issue #33
  • SPN Magazine: What kind of atmosphere did Jensen create as a director, and how did he do?
  • Jewel Staite: Right from day one, Jensen was so organized and so calm. He's like that by nature. He's very in control and so relaxed. He's soft-spoken, lovely, and professional. A lot of the times we were ahead of schedule. We shot that fight sequence in an hour-and-a-half. Unbelievable, but he knew what he wanted. That was refreshing, and he's quite talented as a director. Jensen could have a really long career doing that. And he trusts his crew, too. Jensen isn't ashamed to ask for advice. He has confidence, but at the same time, he has no ego.



Bonus Pat on the Back from Jared:


One of the biggest problems with Supernatural ending… is that it will need to have an amazing ending… and I don’t know whether a satisfying ending to this story is even possible… :/


I was just talking about this with someone. Supernatural has been such a depressing show, that I really feel most fans need for it to end on a note of hope. Otherwise, the whole journey feels depressing and hopeless (and even pointless). Maybe Sam and Dean are never free of hunting or have families, but It could be an opened-ended ending so that everyone can imagine their own ideas about what became of Sam and Dean.

I know the boys think a Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid type ending is the only way (because a lot of men think its so cool and honorable to die in a blaze of glory), but I hope not—I would hate that kind of ending. I wish we could explain to them why that would be such a dissatisfying and even predictable ending (since that’s the one everyone talks about). I think that would make watching reruns and the DVDs hard, watching everything the boys have been through to know in the end they die bloody and sad (and even if that’s how you think they end, we don’t have to see it happen). 

But, if it ended the way it began, w/the boys throwing their weapons in the trunk of the Impala and screen going black when the trunk shuts (or something similar), at least we can have some kind of hope and the freedom to envision it however we please. Personally, I like to envision them as the Bobbys of the Bunker. Helping out the young hunters that come along.

All I know is, I sincerely hope it does not end tragically or with them dying. I just don’t think I could go back and re-watch the show if that happens. 

Dean: There’s no such thing as an honorable death. My corpse is going to rot in the ground and my family is going to die! (In My Time of Dying)