Thank you book for Jensen - 200th celebration


I read from Winchester Bros that Gen has asked them to get fans involved in making a message book to give Jared at the 200th party which is nice but as always I feel bad when Jensen’s left out especially at such a landmark event so I’d like to put something together for him…

Did I mention yet how much I love this man?

About Dean

Long ago, I made a post describing all the ways I loved Dean and I think it pretty much sums up how I feel about this character even though it’s been many years ago since I wrote it. I don’t think I could say it much better. It isn’t often that I connect with a character on such a deep level and I can honestly say that I’ve never felt quite so passionate about any character as I do Dean. Most especially when I’m writing Dean. 

This character has been fleshed out so well and portrayed with such care by Jensen Ackles that I really do feel like he’s a real person sometimes. We often joke around about forgetting that he’s just a TV character, but I feel like I really do know this person (character). This is why I’m so protective and defensive of him. To me, he is a reliable constant in a world of chaos and constant struggle. To some of us, he is the epitome of everything we want in a man. To others, he is the brother we never had. For a few of us, we see ourselves in him. Whatever the reason, he has captured my heart in a way that no other character ever has or ever will again.

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I love this man. Love this man. I’m not a popular, well-known Dean/Jensen fan or am included in any projects, but its not for lack of love of this man. Just seeing this gif this morning has improved my mood 100%. He inspires me in so many ways. Its been a pleasure to be a fan of both the character and the actor for the last 9 years.


"And somewhere along the way, he lost his smile."


To all the people with invisible illnesses:

You are so strong for getting out of bed. For going to work. Or staying home and taking care of yourself. For living. For smiling.

We fight a battle against our bodies and minds every day.

Just because others can’t see, feel, experience, or…

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Eric Kripke on watching a show through good and bad episode’s


"TV does this beautiful thing where you find a character that an actor can inhabit and you love them and you will sit with them through a racist truck story [laughs] because you love them, and maybe next week the episode will be better.. and it’s not because of me, it’s because of them [Jared and Jensen]". [x]



∗ 9 Years Of Supernatural ~ I Am Proud Of Us

#these are the brothers I love #I miss these brothers

Hopefully, we’ll get them back and get to keep them this time. *crosses fingers*